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Spencer Muscular Therapy in New England offers therapeutic and hot stone massage and Integrated Energy Therapy. Healing for the whole person-mind, body, spirit.

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies

Long before anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressant medications and mood altering pharmaceuticals,there were Bach Flower Essences.      Over 70 years ago Dr. Edward Bach developed a completely natural system of healing which is still used successfully today by millions of people worldwide.The 38 essences are meant to stabilize mood and enhance well-being and can be safely used for children and pets as well.     You are invited to explore all 38 essences, their specific uses, and how you can use them in your life. We will also take a look at the brilliance of Dr. Edward Bach and how he was guided to choose specific flowers, plants and trees to be used as natural remedies.   During this workshop you will:

  • learn the history of Dr. Edward Bach, how and why he decided to develop a completely natural way of healing
  • learn about all 38 essences and how they can be used for yourself, family members and even pets
  • learn the importance of Rescue Remedy for emergency use as well as everyday applications

You will come away with a practical understanding of this all natural method of stabilizing moods and emotions and be able to apply your knowledge immediately within your life.

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Therapists and Practitioners, Nurses, Veterinarians, and support staff:

would you like to know how to use Bach Flower Essences in your private practice?

Individual instruction is available.

Call 508-642-5445 or email

for more information.

Bach Flower Essences for You and Your Family

When faced with deciding which of the 38 Bach Flower Essences to use for your healing process, the task can seem overwhelming. In this workshop we will learn about each essence and the specific uses for each one and how to combine them to bring peace, harmony and balance back into your life. Since life throws us curve balls on a fairly consistent basis we will meet once a month to assist you in your road to personal wellness.

~ This class is taught by request. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling private instruction.

~fee is $25 per class and includes information and resources to Bach Flower Essences for you, your family and pets.

~for an additional $25 you can schedule a private consultation to devise your own Personal Formula of essences which is a savings of $10 off the regular private consultation fee.

Call 508-642-5445 or email kathyfs@verizon.net

Would you like to host this workshop? A minimum of 4 participants required. Call today to get started.

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