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Spencer Muscular Therapy in New England offers therapeutic and hot stone massage and Integrated Energy Therapy. Healing for the whole person-mind, body, spirit.
Integrated Energy Therapy© (IET) is a healing method that focuses on personal empowerment by identifying and clearing suppressed feelings and cellular memories within the human energy field.
It is particularly effective in:
  Freeing you from self-imposed limitations
  Clearing blocks that limit health, happiness, creativity, relationships and life purposes
  Releasing imprinted thought patterns

Stevan Thayer of The Center of Being is the developer of IET. Similar to Reiki in that the practitioner places his or her hands in specific areas on the body, IET is the next level of healing – working with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field.

Each time we have an experience that affects us negatively they are stored as an imprint that blocks energy. Over time this may lead to feelings of depleted energy, unrest, or a sense that things are just not right or out of balance. IET supports you gently and safely; releasing limiting patterns from your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future.

During a session the client remains fully clothed on the massage table, with the head resting on a pillow. You will be asked to consciously choose an intention for the session – the issue you wish to be cleared (there may be several!). I will place my hands in 9 different energy centers while you lie quietly and experience the feeling of deep peace and relaxation. Sessions typically last for an hour.

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Benefits of Integrated Energy Therapy©

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