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Spencer Muscular Therapy in New England offers therapeutic and hot stone massage and Integrated Energy Therapy. Healing for the whole person-mind, body, spirit.
Ear Coning is an effective way to remove excess wax from the ears. It is helpful if you are living with:
  Excessive wax production
  Chronic sinus conditions
  Sinus headaches
  Frequent colds and upper respiratory illness
  Difficulty hearing due to wax buildup
  Balance problems due to inner ear bacteria
  Frequent blockage of hearing aids

Ear Coning was used by the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans an efficient way to heal certain conditions. It is a very relaxing procedure. The treatment is done fully clothed on the massage table with the head resting on a pillow. One end of the "candle" is ignited and the other end is gently placed at the opening of the ear canal. The warm smoke heats the earwax and the vacuum created draws the wax out of the ear. The client should have the ability to lie on both the right and left side for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time. A base of three candles per ear is used. If more are needed, each additional candle is $3.

Benefits of Ear Coning

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